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Welcome to Requena Notary

New offices and a great team! 


We strongly believe that professional experience and technological innovation are fundamental to provide a personalized service with agility and clarity, especially in the legal and juridical field. 

We have been working on these slogans for some time and they have given us the possibility to reach our customers in a much closer and more efficient way.

We opened offices in Barcelona

We are opening for the first time! Since a very short time ago we have been working hard on the inauguration of our new offices located in Passeig de Gracia 47.

Estamos felices de todo el esfuerzo invertido en la creación de este nuevo espacio de trabajo, ya que nos permiten recibir a nuestros clientes en instalaciones pensadas 100% para su comodidad y brindarles lo mejor de nosotros ¡Te invitamos a conocer nuestra notaría en Barcelona

Our team

Being pioneers in the sector is a great responsibility that makes us proud as a team, that is why we want to make ourselves known so that our clients know who assists and advises them on a daily basis. For us, teamwork is essential, as well as specific training in each area and extensive experience in the notarial sector. 

Who are we? Nuestro equipo de notarios Barcelona está formado por Cristina Requena Torrecillas, notaria especialista, junto a los oficiales, Jordi Avellana Casteleyn, Carmen Pons Rabasa y Mireia Pivetta Contreras, y la oficial en pólizas, Esther Yañez Cerezo. En la administración, Blanca Vendrell Serres y como copista, Mónica Santafe Venteo. 

Notarial accompaniment

Para muchos los trámites notariales son difíciles y requieren de un trabajo arduo, para nosotros son experiencia y por eso nos gusta acompañar y asesorar a cada cliente como si fuera único, brindando servicios notariales altamente personalizados.

We work with individuals and companies free of charge and without obligation, so that the notarial process is agile and simple, managing the deeds in their entirety, always with a previous budget and allowing the client to follow up on deadlines and procedures.

How can we help you? 

  • Minutes: We explain the mode of execution and the effects of the minutes of manifestations or notarial presence. We also prepare testimonies or attestations, signature authentications or any other necessary document.
  • Powers of Attorney: We prepare all types of general, special or preventive, we send them instantly to any other notary's office where they are to be used and we process the apostille if they need to be sent abroad.
  • Mercantile: Incorporation of companies, real title deeds, powers of attorney, purchase and sale of shares or participations and minutes of telematic or face-to-face meetings; in an agile way and with a fiscal approach.
  • Family: We celebrate marriages and domestic partnerships, we help in their regulation with the marriage contracts, and we accompany in other procedures such as divorce or separation, with advice on both personal and patrimonial aspects.
  • Inheritance: We advise on the granting of wills, heirs acts, donations, inheritance agreements, and accompany in the process of inheritance processing, with the aim of guiding in a clear and simple way for the rapid conclusion of the same.
  • Real Estate: We are specialized in the real estate sector to accompany in the process of purchase and mortgage of the house, study or rectification of the property, cancellation of charges and whatever is needed.

Providing a transparent and quality service is what we seek to accompany our clients in an agile and optimal way. 

Need help? Write us or come to visit us at our new offices. It will be a pleasure to advise you!